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I am searching for good and reliable stamptraders all over the world.

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What can I offer? trading stock, Austrian stamps

I always have good stamps from Austria in stock, used and mint. However, that applies only to stamps from the years until 2001, from that time on I also lack many used stamps. I also have many doubles of postage due stamps and military field post stamps, both used and mint. Besides I have lots of used stamps of UNO-Vienna (from the beginning until 1996), used and mint of Berlin and Germany Bund and also of German occupation territorries.

If I have stamps from other countries in stock, this is a mere coincidence, I have too little room to store them. However, it may still be worth sending a request. I deal with great amounts of stamps, and if you tell me what you are looking for, I will notify you via e-mail if I get hold of the stamps you need.


What do I need?

Basically I am interested in used commemoratives worldwide from 2005 on, except Germany, Denmark, France, Italy and Sweden.

On the following pages, I have listed what I need per continent and per Austria, block from 2003, "Pandas"country (according to the Michel-definition). A packet can consist of stamps from several countries of course. If I already have a wantlist for the country, It will be noted in the list.

List for Africa
List for America
List for Asia
List for Australia/Oceania
List for Europe

I prefer used stamps, but I also accept "CTO" (cancelled to order). If there is no possibility to obtain used stamps, I also accept mint.

I am always looking for blocks, both used and mint, from all countries worldwide. I am also willing to accept a special exchange relationship for blocks (1:10 or even more, if they are high quality blocks). However, I only want blocks that are listed in the Michel-Catalogue as blocks, I am not interested in stamp-sheets, blocks of 4 or anything like that.

At the moment I'm especially looking for ...


How do we trade?

I am always open for trading proposals. I have Michel wantlists for about 60 of the most important countries in excel.

Austria, stamp from 1975, "Spiral tree, painting by Friedensreich Hundertwasser"But I think it's more efficient to exchange packets, 100:100 or more. I prefer one-to-one trades, it saves calculation work and it is fair with roughly equivalent trading partners. So if you want to trade with me based on catalogue-value, you should be willing to do the arithmetic, because my catalogues are from different years and some of them are very old.

The quality of the packets I send is equal to the quality of the packets I get. If someone sends me many definitives, I will send him many definitives back, if someone sends me high quality stamps I will send him high quality stamps back. In my opinion, this is the fairest way.

The one who sends a request for trading sends his packet first, and then I will send mine. If I request something, I will also send my packet first.

I try to make the packing as safe as possible (additional wrappings, strong envelopes) but not too heavy. InsertiAustria, stamp from 1994, "Stamp day"ng the stamps in cards only increases the postal charges.

For postage I always use commemoratives or blocks. I would appriciate to get the same from my trading partners. There are only few commemoratives used generally, so we stamptraders should set a good example.

If you are interested in contacting me, you can use German, English (as for stamp trading I understand it pretty well, however I didn't learn it at school), French (I learnt it at school) or Italian (I attended several courses). My answer will be German or English. The translations into English will be done by my wife or my son.

This is my e-mail-address.




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